Prepare For Weird Weather! An El Nino Is Bubbling Up…

California’s long drought may be about to end as Australia gets much drier and the rest of the world experiences some decidedly odd weather – as well as excitable press headlines – all thanks to a huge bubble of warm water that is building up in the Pacific Ocean. This periodic warming of the surface … Continue reading

GFS Model Forecasts Major Storm For UK Next Week

Tuesday’s Daily Express headline (22 October 2013) seems to be based on some evidence. Data from the Global Forecasting System weather model suggests a major storm heading our way next week. You can see the deep low centred over Scotland at around midnight on the evening of Monday 28 October and morning of Tuesday 29 … Continue reading

Expect A Very Wet Week Especially In The West

All you need to know about this image is that the UK is under that rain somewhere: the scale on the right shows the number of mm of rain expected in the next week until 6am next Monday 28 October 2013; grey is basically off the scale. Enough said. Graphic courtesy and copyright Weatherwebdotnet using GFS Operational … Continue reading

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