Beware Sugar Taxes And The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Health campaigners lobbying for the introduction of a tax on sugary foods and drinks would do well to consider the lessons of the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Well meaning measures to protect the planet from climate change resulted in European Union (EU) governments encouraging a major switch from petrol to diesel vehicles across the continent over … Continue reading

Diet Foods Make You Fat: Research Shows Artificial Sweeteners Can Trigger Illness, Diabetes And Obesity

Diet foods and drinks can cause illness, diabetes and obesity, according to major new research published tomorrow (Thursday 18 September 2014) in the leading science journal Nature. Experiments on mice and humans have shown that artificial sweeteners change the make-up and behaviour of bacteria in the gut resulting in raised blood sugar levels. This is … Continue reading

Ebola Death Rate Much Higher Than Press Reports Suggest

Ebola in West Africa is almost certainly far more deadly than press reports indicate. Simplistic analysis of the regular updates issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has led many reputable news outlets to underestimate the true death rate of this killer disease while the WHO itself avoids issuing an ongoing analysis of what it … Continue reading

WHO Chief Warns Of Ebola Mutation Risk

Note (added 11 October 2014): a more up to date article reviewing these issues appears here. Please see important note at the foot of this report. The longer that Ebola is allowed to circulate in West Africa then the greater the risk that the virus will evolve into an even more virulent form. This unprecedented … Continue reading

Ebola: Scary Facts About A Very Scary Virus

Diseases do not come a lot worse than Ebola – the virus that has so far killed at least 672 people since February in an outbreak in west Africa that appears to be out of control. There is no cure, no effective treatment and between 50 per cent and 90 per cent of those who … Continue reading

Statins Row – A Debate Over Drug Efficacy Or A Symptom Of NHS Sclerosis?

A row rumbling on within the medical profession in the UK has erupted into the news again this week over the role of statins – the blood cholesterol lowering drugs that can cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes. By dramatically reducing cholesterol levels in the blood, statins can lower the risk of premature … Continue reading

Would You Want To Know If You Had Alzheimer’s?

Would you want to know if you were going to get dementia? That is the frightening question posed by new research published online in Nature Medicine this week. A new blood test that looks for tell-tale signs of Alzheimer’s in the fat composition of your blood has been developed by researchers at the Georgetown University … Continue reading

A Diet Is Not Just For January – So Why Not Tweak Your Life Instead?

Have you started your post Christmas diet yet? Or embarked on a dry January? Or even joined the local gym? You are not alone. Millions of your fellow Britons will be sharing your pain, restraint and self sacrifice over the next month or so, aiming for slimmer, fitter, detoxed bodies. You know the cold turkey … Continue reading

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