Our ‘Net Zero’ Choice: Back To The Stone-Age Or Embrace Capitalism?

Back in the 1970s, experts scared us as we grew up with warnings about nuclear war, global famine due to over-population and, I kid you not, an imminent new ice age. These days, the experts are scaring the kids about the threat posed by a different kind of climate change, warning of a dire future … Continue reading

Forty Years On We Need A New Thatcher

Love her or loathe her, those of us who remember life under Margaret Thatcher’s premiership could probably agree on one thing: if she was in charge today, then Britain would not be in its current predicament. It is 40 years ago this week that Margaret Thatcher swept to power in a country suffering a crisis … Continue reading

A confirmatory vote would snooker Brexit – Should we boycott such a ballot?

Prime Minister Theresa May’s pivot towards Labour means that, like it or not, the probability of another referendum on Brexit has increased in the last few days. How should Brexit supporters respond to such a vote? Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage spoke for many last week at the Leave Means Leave rally in Westminster when … Continue reading

It’s about far more than Brexit… Our democracy is at stake

Today – Friday 29 March 2019 – was to have been Brexit Day but it may instead herald a dark time for democracy in our country. We had been scheduled to leave the European Union (EU) at 11pm this evening. That is, until last week when Prime Minister Theresa May was ordered by Parliament to … Continue reading

A Hong Kong For Europe: The Positive Case For Brexit

Britain’s future outside of the European Union (EU) could be bright and prosperous although you would not believe it from listening to the official Vote Leave campaign. An entrepreneurial, deregulated, low-tax Britain sitting off the coast of the Continent would attract foreign investors and skilled workers alike from around the world. It would be an … Continue reading

Beware Sugar Taxes And The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Health campaigners lobbying for the introduction of a tax on sugary foods and drinks would do well to consider the lessons of the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Well meaning measures to protect the planet from climate change resulted in European Union (EU) governments encouraging a major switch from petrol to diesel vehicles across the continent over … Continue reading

Politicians Must Be Open About UK Population And The Need For More Infrastructure

There was a moment in the BBC debate between Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and UKIP leader Nigel Farage that touched on a massive issue for the future of the UK that our politicians seem reluctant to confront: the rate of our population growth; our ability to build and, crucially, to pay for the infrastructure that … Continue reading

Skin In The Game: Why Taking People Out Of Tax May Not Be Such A Good Idea

A philosophical thread ran through yesterday’s UK Budget linking the historic changes to pension rules with the increase in the amount that workers can earn before they start paying income tax. It is better for people to have control over their own money rather than it is to let insurance companies do it through pension … Continue reading

Would You Leave Your Money In A Scottish Bank Account Post Independence?

Remember Iceland. The Icelandic banking system was far bigger than the Icelandic economy and when the financial crisis broke and the banks went pop, the Icelandic government was unable to bail out its banks. People lost money. If Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond fails in his quest to keep an independent Scotland within a monetary … Continue reading

Give Us A Vote On The Future Of Our Land

  It is becoming clear that the UK’s continued membership of the European Union (EU) threatens a major change in our country that we are not being consulted about. Britain’s population is projected to grow hugely in the next 25 years fuelled by immigration that results directly from our membership of the EU. UK Office … Continue reading

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