Skin In The Game: Why Taking People Out Of Tax May Not Be Such A Good Idea

A philosophical thread ran through yesterday’s UK Budget linking the historic changes to pension rules with the increase in the amount that workers can earn before they start paying income tax. It is better for people to have control over their own money rather than it is to let insurance companies do it through pension … Continue reading

Would You Leave Your Money In A Scottish Bank Account Post Independence?

Remember Iceland. The Icelandic banking system was far bigger than the Icelandic economy and when the financial crisis broke and the banks went pop, the Icelandic government was unable to bail out its banks. People lost money. If Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond fails in his quest to keep an independent Scotland within a monetary … Continue reading

The Arab Spring Is Just The Beginning – The Real Revolution Is Still To Come

“How do you expect me to make a living?” screamed street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi as he stood in the middle of the traffic, doused his body in fuel and set himself alight in front of the elegant whitewashed square-arched gateway of the mayor’s office in the bustling Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid. People in the … Continue reading

The Problem With Britain’s State Education System Can Be Solved

This week we learned that Britain’s education system is stagnating relative to the rest of the world. International assessment tests show that the academic performance of our children is flat-lining. The results cast doubt on the effectiveness of our state school system and question the whole direction of government education policy during the last decade. … Continue reading

Give Us A Vote On The Future Of Our Land

  It is becoming clear that the UK’s continued membership of the European Union (EU) threatens a major change in our country that we are not being consulted about. Britain’s population is projected to grow hugely in the next 25 years fuelled by immigration that results directly from our membership of the EU. UK Office … Continue reading

Capitalism Needs A Champion

Lord Maurice Saatchi made a long over-due call, on BBC Newsnight yesterday (Monday 21 October), for capitalism to be put to work in support of freedom. The former Conservative Party chairman whose advertising firm created the election winning “Labour Isn’t Working” campaign for the Tories in 1979 is seeking a new political formula for today … Continue reading

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