Never Assume The Obvious Is Inevitably Correct – Especially With Climate

Nothing is quite what it seems in life and the fact that something sounds right does not necessarily make it so, as new research out this month reminds us. At first glance it would seem so obvious that the significant reduction in the amount of Arctic ice that we have witnessed in recent years must … Continue reading

Spy On The Terrorists – Don’t Turn Us Into East Germany

There is something poignant about the anger of Angel Merkel, a woman born into the communist police state of East Germany, at the allegations that she has been spied on by America’s National Security Agency (NSA) – allegations that have not been denied by the White House. For Merkel grew up in the shadow of … Continue reading

Teachers Need To Inspire – They Don’t Need Teaching Qualifications

In the wake of the Al-Madina Free School row Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is calling for free school teachers to be formally qualified. Let’s leave aside the fact that the Liberal Democrat leader needs to create some clear distinctions with the Tories ahead of the next election and also the tricky issues of coalition … Continue reading

Record Antarctic Sea Ice In September Offsets Arctic Decline And Puzzles Scientists

Sea ice levels in the Antarctic reached a new record high last month (September 2013) forcing one expert to admit that they posed an “interesting puzzle” for scientists. Many climate scientists predict that climate change will result in a worldwide decline in sea ice levels but global sea ice levels are close to their long … Continue reading

GFS Model Forecasts Major Storm For UK Next Week

Tuesday’s Daily Express headline (22 October 2013) seems to be based on some evidence. Data from the Global Forecasting System weather model suggests a major storm heading our way next week. You can see the deep low centred over Scotland at around midnight on the evening of Monday 28 October and morning of Tuesday 29 … Continue reading

Capitalism Needs A Champion

Lord Maurice Saatchi made a long over-due call, on BBC Newsnight yesterday (Monday 21 October), for capitalism to be put to work in support of freedom. The former Conservative Party chairman whose advertising firm created the election winning “Labour Isn’t Working” campaign for the Tories in 1979 is seeking a new political formula for today … Continue reading

Expect A Very Wet Week Especially In The West

All you need to know about this image is that the UK is under that rain somewhere: the scale on the right shows the number of mm of rain expected in the next week until 6am next Monday 28 October 2013; grey is basically off the scale. Enough said. Graphic courtesy and copyright Weatherwebdotnet using GFS Operational … Continue reading

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